The Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture (OPJV) is a regional, self-directed partnership of government and non-governmental organizations and individuals working across administrative boundaries to deliver landscape-level planning and science-based conservation, linking on-the-ground management with national bird population goals. 

Species of Concern

At least 450 avian species have been documented within the Oaks and Prairies and the Edwards Plateau. Species of Conservation Concern range from Eastern Meadowlark Northern Bobwhite, Painted Bunting, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Loggerhead Shrike, Black-capped Vireo and Golden-cheeked Warbler.



The OPJV covers almost 60 million acres from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the north to San Antonio, Texas in the south, including all of the Edwards Plateau.  Over 95% of the land is privately owned, and 85% is agricultural land. The OPJV region contains several major metropolitan areas. These areas have seen population growth of 13 to 47% from 1990-2000.


Get Involved

​Many organizations and individual partners work together to compile information, prioritize needs, identify funding for priorities, and conduct on-the-ground restoration, education, management, research, and bird population monitoring.


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LeConte's Sparrow