Species of Concern


Within this changing landscape, numerous avian species have undergone precipitous declines.  Northern Bobwhite populations in the Oaks and Prairies region have plummeted 4 to 8-fold in the last 25 years, while hunter harvest has dropped 4 to 9-fold during the same time period.  Half of the breeding bird species in grassland habitats in Oklahoma are experiencing long-term declines.  Breeding birds in shrub habitats show similar population trends.Texas, and one third of these species in Texas are experiencing long-term declines.  Breeding birds in shrub habitats show similar population trends.


Strategic Habitat Conservation

The Joint Venture approach to avian conservation, Strategic Habitat Conservation, involves a number of tools including: designing conservation strategies (Plan), helping to implement those strategies (Do), and conducting follow-up monitoring and research (Learn).  The end result is a Strategic Habitat Conservation framework that links and strengthens these conservation tools as a repeating cycle of planning, doing, and learning.


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